Data4Cure was excited to be part of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the world’s oldest and largest professional association that focuses on cancer research.

As part of the Session on Late-Breaking Research: Bioinformatics, Convergence Science, and Systems Biology, Data4Cure announced its new resource called the Cancer Subtype Ontology (CSO) which spans over 800 previously published and internally developed cancer subtypes across over 35 cancer histologies. Subtypes in the CSO are linked to key genomic, transcriptional, and epigenetic modifications at the gene and pathways level and annotated with additional features such as tumor mutation burden and tumor-immune infiltration profiles as well as response and clinical outcomes data from prior cohorts.

The abstract titled The Cancer Subtype Ontology: Predicting response to therapy in clinical and translational research using 840 cancer subtypes is available here.