Data4Cure at the 2024 Precision Medical World Conference

Data4Cure at the 2024 Precision Medical World Conference
Janusz Dutkowski, Data4Cure @ PMWC 2024

Data4Cure was recently at the 2024 Precision Medicine World Conference in Santa Clara where we had the pleasure to meet, converse and exchange ideas with top researchers, innovators and leaders across the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Data4Cure's co-founder and CEO Janusz Dutkowski, gave a talk in the AI & Data Sciences in Drug Discovery & Clinical Research track.

In his talk, Dr. Dutkowski discussed exciting updates to Data4Cure's Biomedical Intelligence Cloud Platform and showed how it is used by top pharmaceutical companies to go from analyzing individual datasets to running millions of analyses and continuously growing and refining actionable biomedical knowledge based on vast amounts of research and clinical data.

The talk also focused on foundation models and building large-scale Atlases for disease and therapeutic areas of interest (including the new Data4Cure Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Atlas), as well as graph-based AI approaches that leverage Data4Cure's comprehensive knowledge graph (with over 3 billion relations) to develop next-generation, biology-driven and interpretable models to predict new drug targets and improve matching drugs to diseases and disease subtypes.

Watch the entire presentation here:

- Data4Cure Team