We are excited to be part of the 4th Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit taking place on September 21-22, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

Data4Cure will co-host an immunooncology roundtable with Dr. Pallavi SachdevDirector, Oncology Biomarker Research, Clinical Research, Eisai.

Please join us as we discuss optimising immunotherapy combinations using data-driven molecular sub-typing and immune-infiltrate characterization, and explore the most promising directions for the future of precision medicine research.

Janusz Dutkowski, CEO of Data4Cure will also give a talk about using AI and Systems Biology to continuously grow biomedical knowledge from big data.

About The Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit

The Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit is an expanding international event that attracts the leading authorities worldwide working in companion diagnostics, big data, genomics, biomarkers, immuno-oncology and other facets of precision medicine.

The event has been praised for its stimulating, interactive and engaging environment where it brings together a multi-disciplined community whose aim is to develop ground breaking and impactful treatments for patients.