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Pharmaceutical companies adopt knowledge graphs to drive R&D (videos from PMWC 2020)

We recently joined forces with the Precision Medicine World Conference to organize a session on semantic knowledge graphs in drug discovery and clinical trials. The session focused on how pharmaceutical and biotech companies are implementing new interpretable semantic AI technologies (combining machine learning and knowledge graphs) to continuously update knowledge based on vast amounts of…
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Mapping immunotherapy resistance pathways with biomedically-informed AI [Data4Cure @ PMWC 2019]

Despite the groundbreaking success of immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapies in hard-to-treat cancers, still only a fraction of patients show long-term clinical benefit. With the rapidly accumulating molecular, pathologic and clinical data from clinical trials and cancer cohorts, the question is how to best leverage these data to identify better biomarkers of ICI drug response,…
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Data4Cure @ PMWC 2018: Combining systems biology, machine learning and tumor evolution to improve biomarkers for IO

A key challenge in the field of immunotherapy is predicting which patients will respond to IO therapy either as a single agent or in combination with other treatments. Clinical and experimental strategies involve testing expression of individual markers or gene panels, assessing tumor mutation burden and MSI status, and more recently, approaches examining specific tumor…
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Janusz Dutkowski Eisai Data4Cure

Watch videos from our PMWC 2017 session

In January Data4Cure hosted a session at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) in Mountain View, CA focused on molecular subtyping in clinical drug development. The session highlighted some of the unique new aspects of the Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud in the context of molecular and immune-infiltrate stratification of tumors and mapping disease and therapeutic pathways. Videos of our…
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