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Biomarker and NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conferences

Join us at Biomarker and NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conferences

Please join Data4Cure at the annual Biomarker and NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conferences to be held on February, 6-7 in San Diego, CA. The pursuit of driving precision medicine and the quest to refine a biomarker model for immuno-oncology drug development, the event aims to gather experts from pharma, bio-pharma companies, and research institutes to discuss current challenges…
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Data4Cure’s AI-Powered Biomedical Intelligence Cloud Features New Tools for Immuno-Oncology

La Jolla, CA, January 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Data4Cure, Inc. today announced a series of updates and new case studies using its Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud – a semantic data-driven discovery platform designed to continuously grow knowledge from a multitude of genomic, molecular and clinical data that are accumulating rapidly in the field. These updates were presented at…
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PMWC 2017 Data4Cure

Data4Cure to organize a session at the upcoming PMWC 2017

Janusz Dutkowski, CEO, Data4Cure will be chairing a session on “How Molecular Subtyping Can Aid Clinical Drug Development” at the upcoming 2017 Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) Silicon Valley. Pallavi Sachdev, MPH, PhD, Director of Oncology Biomarker Research, Eisai Inc. will be the second speaker at the session which is scheduled for the morning of January 24. Update: Videos from…
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How knowledge is born: putting data in context

Data is transforming biology and medicine. In many biomedical domains we have more data every year than collectively ever before – the consequence of exponential growth. Yet data is not knowledge. And growing knowledge has proven a lot more challenging than sheer data accumulation. Finding new drug targets, biomarkers, and personalized treatment strategies will incresingly depend on our ability to translate…
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Data4Cure Disease Maps

Boosting statistical power and context with Multiscale Maps of the Cell

The hierarchy It is not about components, it’s about the machine. Like many other complex systems, biological machines are hierarchical: proteins interacting in complexes which work as part of pathways forming more general processes and so on. To better understand disease mechanisms we need to be able to interrogate all levels of the functional hierarchy. It is important to…
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