Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit

We are excited to be part of the 4th Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit taking place on September 21-22, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

Data4Cure will co-host an immunooncology roundtable with Dr. Pallavi SachdevDirector, Oncology Biomarker Research, Clinical Research, Eisai.

Please join us as we discuss optimising immunotherapy combinations using data-driven molecular sub-typing and immune-infiltrate characterization, and explore the most promising directions for the future of precision medicine research.

Janusz Dutkowski, CEO of Data4Cure will also give a talk about using AI and Systems Biology to continuously grow biomedical knowledge from big data.

About The Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit

The Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit is an expanding international event that attracts the leading authorities worldwide working in companion diagnostics, big data, genomics, biomarkers, immuno-oncology and other facets of precision medicine.

The event has been praised for its stimulating, interactive and engaging environment where it brings together a multi-disciplined community whose aim is to develop ground breaking and impactful treatments for patients.

Data4Cure featured in GEN

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) featured Data4Cure, Inc. in the article Machines Learn to Sift Big Biodata by Kristen Slawinski, Ph.D. GEN is the premier biotech publication since its launch in 1981.

Here are some highlights from the article:

“As more relevant connections are made among biological data, more meaningful conclusions can be made to drive drug discovery and development. Large datasets are a starting point for integrating and connecting data; however, there is also critical biological information that exists discreetly buried within millions of scientific publications. Accessing and linking this information requires an intelligence beyond human processing.”

“Data4Cure’s all-inclusive bioinformatics platform, the Biomedical Intelligence Cloud, is powered by a dynamic graphical knowledge base named CURIE, which uses advanced machine learning to automatically mine molecular datasets as well as published texts.”

“The robust network of biological information contained within the Biomedical Intelligence Cloud allows users to visualize their favorite biological molecule at a systems level. Even more impressive is the way in which the data can be analyzed to stratify patients into disease subtypes, a capability that can lead to predictions of therapeutic efficacy.

For example, a pathway activity analysis using patient expression data can identify immune cell-infiltrated and noninfiltrated tumor subtypes and associates them with specific genomic alterations. This information can then be used in immuno-oncology clinical trial planning by linking subtypes to treatment response.

Use of Data4Cure’s bioinformatic platform ensures an informed drug development plan which is beneficial for everyone.”

Read the full article here.

Data4Cure to present at BioData World West 2017

How can AI and machine learning extend biomedical knowledge and not add to the noise and complexity that hamper progress in the field?

Meet us at the BioData West conference in San Francisco, April 26-27. We will present new applications on our Biomedical Intelligence Cloud platform and discuss approaches which apply advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously update biomedical knowledge.

Featured applications merge algorithms with prior knowledge of how cells and biological systems work. This prior knowledge can significantly limit the search space of possible solutions and guide algorithms towards biologically-sound solutions that have a greater chance of success in clinical development.

We will focus on Data4Cure’s model-based molecular and immune-infiltrate stratification engine which identifies cancer subtypes and associates them with disease pathway activities, immune cell infiltration, and predicted response to targeted drugs and immunotherapies.

If you’re at the conference please meet us at booth #6 and see our presentations in the sessions below:

Panel Discussion: 4/26 2:50pm Artificial Intelligence Track
Presentation: 4/27 11:40am Genomics and Health Track