Data4Cure @ PMWC 2018: Combining systems biology, machine learning and tumor evolution to improve biomarkers for IO

A key challenge in the field of immunotherapy is predicting which patients will respond to IO therapy either as a single agent or in combination with other treatments. Clinical and experimental strategies involve testing expression of individual markers or gene panels, assessing tumor mutation burden and MSI status, and more recently, approaches examining specific tumor neoantigens in the context of tumor evolution. How effective is each approach individually and how does it fit into a comprehensive picture of the tumor-immune interaction system? Can a systems view be more predictive than each component independently?

Recently, we had the pleasure of presenting the latest updates to the Biomedical Intelligence Cloud at the 2018 Precision Medicine Conference in Mountain View. We discussed new methods and strategies that combine systems biology, machine learning and tumor evolution to provide an integrated view of the factors that may contribute to IO response and help improve IO biomarkers.

We invite you to see the video from Janusz’s talk here:

PWMC 2018 Data4Cure Janusz Dutkowski – Combining Systems Biology, Machine Learning and Tumor Evolution to Improve IO Biomarkers from Data4Cure on Vimeo.

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PMWC Interview with Data4Cure’s Janusz Dutkowski

In a recent interview featured on the PMWC Blog, our CEO and co-founder, Janusz Dutkowski, Ph.D., considers how machine learning and systems biology are transforming biomedical research and discusses the challenges in pharmaceutical R&D addressed by the Data4Cure Platform.

Learn more from the PMWC Blog:

PMWC Interview with Janusz Dutkowski, Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO, Data4Cure

Please join Data4Cure for our two presentations at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) that will take place in Silicon Valley on January 22-24, 2018. This world’s leading precision medicine conference attracts recognized leaders, top global researchers and innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors to showcase practical content that helps close the knowledge gap between different sectors. Since 2009, recognized as a vital cornerstone for all constituents of the healthcare and biotechnology community, PMWC provides an exceptional forum for the exchange of information about the latest advances in technology (e.g. DNA sequencing technology), clinical implementation (e.g. cancer and beyond), research, and in all aspects related to the regulatory sectors.

Data4Cure’s Talk at Big Data in Precision Medicine Conference

Please join us at the Big Data in Precision Medicine Conference in Washington, DC, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2017. 

We will present new applications on our Biomedical Intelligence Cloud platform and discuss approaches which apply advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously update biomedical knowledge.

Janusz Dutkowski, CEO of Data4Cure, Inc. will give a talk titled Combining data, systems biology and AI to continuously grow biomedical knowledge on Nov. 1, at 12:05 pm.

Dutkowski will be also speaking on a panel Organizing Medical and Genomic Knowledge for Precision Medicine on Oct. 31, 3:20 pm. Other panelists include Dr. Charles Cox, Head of Pharmacogenetics, GSK; Dr. Emanuel Petricoin, Co-Director, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, George Mason University; Dr. Andrew Johnson, Head, Biomedical Informatics, Population Science Branch, NHLBI; and Dr. Anthony Kerlavage, Acting Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics and IT, NCI.

About Big Data in Precision Medicine

Big Data in Precision Medicine attracts senior executives from across the drug development sector including Big Pharma, biotech, leading solution providers, government, healthcare, and academia. This event bridges the gap between R&D and data science. It’s a collaborative, discussion-rich executive summit for the leaders and most active innovators enabling precision medicine.